Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Yeah, Good times . . . Good times."

So, yeah, my parents visited for a few days last week, not long enough, but something. I really liked spending time with Dad, we don't get very much, and I hope I'll get to see mom more next time. Needless to say, that took all my time, so I've been ignoring blogworld and email-ville. Then my Aunt Marg's crawlspace flooded and Dad and I helped her remove some water pipes and install a proper electrical conduit for her shop on Wednesday, and I finished it up yesterday and today.

Has anyone else noticed that people of the older generations are very good and giving and at being hospitable and at helping you out when they can but that they are very bad at letting you help them? Aunt Marg insists on paying me to help. It really helps and everthing, I can really use the money, and it should save her $1400 or more, but it makes it feel like part of my gift to her didn't get there. It would be different if she kept finding jobs for me to do, or if my help were unnecessary, but she needed the help, it wasn't too much work, and I was about the only person available before the weekend.

Then again, if a lot of people were in the same situation, and needed my help, I'd have to charge or I'd never get to do the things I need to do.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Early Christmas Wishes

Looking for a great Christmas gift? I guess you'll have to look elsewhere.

Right next to the penguin ornaments and santa toilet seat cover, shallow poetry combines with painful absurdity to create an ironic masterpiece for your holliday pleasure.

Feel free to create your own.

One from Kirk cameron:
"Wishes for peace and love
and hope are all very well,
I hope that you have not forgotten,
you'll all go to . . . ."

Pat Robertson:
"Don't let let the season distract you,
don't be misled,
what Jesus really wants,
is the bad guys dead."

Mel Gibson:
[removed because the author offended himself]

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