Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dollar Books are like Crack

I just got back from boarders. WOW! Let me say it again . . . WOW! I just discovered bargain books. I bought 12 at a dollar a piece, even better, my sister pick up the bill so, I lied, she bought 12 at a dollar a piece. These purchases include: A heiroglyphic dictionary, an applied anthropological linguistics text and a case study in German language acquisition. While someone else might think that I'll never use them, I see them as PERFECT additions to my read-a- few -pages -a-month-to-waste -time-while-I'm -supposed -to-be-doing-something-else collection. If nothing else, they'll look great on a bookshelf someday. As they do on my bedroom floor right now.

I'm not the blogging type, I just hear that everyone is doing it so I thought I should try to reinforce the aphorism.

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