Friday, May 16, 2008

My Favorite New Books

I am about to start even more hours at my second job until August. Please pray for me: I need the extra hours so that I can afford to do all the stuff I need to do when I finish my thesis, but the deadline is coming up and I need time to write too. So, I'm keeping my warehouse job until August (or so I have planned) so I can save more, but I'll need a lot of blessings to help after that.

Here are my favorite new books:

A Patristic Greek Reader
A Patristic Greek Reader by Rodney A. Whitacre is helping me get my Patristic Greek into better shape so that I can be more accurate with Epiphanius.

A Reader's Hebrew Bible
I don't currently need the Greek version of this except in Hebrews (but that is mostly because I'm not a big fan of Hebrews (it's my least favorite biblical book) so I don't read it as often as the others, but I do need A Reader's Hebrew Bible by A. Philip Brown II and Bryan W. Smith so that I can follow along in church even though my Hebrew is not half as good as my Greek. Now if only I had one for Latin.

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