Friday, December 28, 2007

Cutting Edge Technology

A few weeks ago I was sitting in The- Coffee- Place- Which- Must-Not- Be- Named because I had dropped Killer off at work at 4:30 and my shift didn't start until 6:30. I was quietly slurping a Carmel Apple Cider and looking out of the front window when I saw it; the sign that would forever change my perception of just how far technology has advanced:
Safe Protected by Time Control Device.
Evidently The- Coffee- Place- Which- Must-Not- Be- Named can now control time itself. I was unable to uncover the details of just what aspects of time they control, or the rules they have placed upon its use; the science behind this discovery surely remains top-secret, but their very possession of such a breakthrough signals the extent of their power over humanity.

I wonder . . . what type of system do they have in place to protect the Time Control Device?

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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Well, actually, lost: my phone. If you can't reach me, that's why. I'm pretty sure that I just set it down in the wrong place, I don't think that it has been stolen.

In other news: I've had three different viruses in the last week- and- a- half and I think that I've finally gotten rid of the fever that I've had (off- and- on) since Thursday of last week.

bad week.

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